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A message from Gary Swanson, President JCHS
Our annual membership meeting will be held on November 22, 2014 at the Bear Hotel.  Your invitation (in the Historian) will state that we are having pizza and soft drinks beginning at 2:00 P.M. Please RSVP so that we may allow for adequate refreshments as we must plan well in advance with the caterers.

You will be asked to vote for our new slate of officers and board members by return mail or dropping your ballot off at the Josephine County Historical Society Research Library.  This list will be included in our newsletter, the Historian.  We ask that you please mark your ballot and return it to JCHS within a week of your receipt, as it is necessary that we tally all votes well in advance of our annual meeting.

For those members who will be attending the annual meeting, we will have an additional vote to approve our proposed changes to our Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws.  It is very important that we make these changes at this time, as it has been over 50 years that we have been operating with our current, but somewhat out-of-date procedures.  For your convenience in viewing our proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, they will remain available from our website until after our vote on November 22nd; after which time they will no longer appear on this site.  Please review them, as the majority of the changes we have made are in the language of the more modern corporate structures and procedures.

Our goals and mission statement remain unchanged; which is: 
"The Josephine County Historical Society is a non-profit, tax exempt, educational
corporation, with library and museum facilities, for the discovery, preservation,
cataloging and dissemination of history related to Josephine County, Oregon and makes resulting materials available to the public."

Our annual meeting is for members and prospective members, and this is not a fundraising event.  Donations are always welcome, but the purpose of this meeting is to update our members on our activities and our financial well-being.  At this meeting we will also announce the results of our election for officers and directors of the corporation.

For your enjoyment, we will be having a special presentation on the short lived, but fascinating California and Oregon Coast Railroad.  This presentation will be followed by a tour of the Bear Hotel and updates in their operation.

We look forward to receiving your RSVPs and hope you can all attend.

What You Will Find:

Old items from our storage including a brass bed frame, large round desk, wooden office desk, household odds and ends, assorted Christmas decorations, plus newly published books.

All proceeds will benefit the Josephine County Historical Society

 Large wooden desk (60" x 34") with thick glass sheet on desktop.  A couple of the drawers need a little adjustment, but would work fine as-is.  It is solid wood.  It was built about 50 years ago, probably as a school teacher's desk.  We would like $125.  (OBO bid and we will phone you at end of sale.)
Large round table.  Five foot diameter (60 inches).  Legs fold up.  Very Heavy...you will need a pickup, a couple of blankets to cover it and at least two strong individuals to load it.  Orange top that looks like Formica or similar .   We would like $75. (OBO bid and we will phone you at the end of the sale.)

Antique Brass Bed.  Old
and well used, all metal double bed, or at the time it was manufactured, it was probably called a "marriage bed.".   The brass coating has either worn off or it needs a good polishing.   It also needs a good home and will work as-is for the next century.   Head board, foot board and brass rails.  No slats.   Headboard is about five feet high.  We would like $150.  (OBO bid and we will phone you at end of sale.)

From the October 11 Community Family History Seminar
Leta Neiderheiser as Cynthia Ann Parker Applegate

Joan Dougherty as Mary Harris

Leslie Culp

Our display table

Meet the Voorhies - the featured presentation
Teresa Santucci and Richard Marshall as Lulu and Amos Voorhies


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Josephine County Historical Society

Book the Living History Players for your next event!
Give us a call at 541 479-7827 for details

From left to right:  Irv Vodovoz, Bob Petrusha, Teresa Santucci, Jim Thorpe, Cindy English, Ed English, Jodi Wainwright, Joan Momsen, Lois Maass, Leta Neiderheiser, Jan Greenblatt, Linda Fuidge, John Hudick, Judy Glover, Ellie Pulikonda, Christina Carver and Hal Glover.  Not shown in the picture is our new "stage manager" Pam Petrusha.

Hundreds of historic photos are for sale through the Josephine County Historical Society, and now you can view and purchase them online!

These historic records of our early discoverers and settlers make great wall displays when framed, and cover everything from gold panning, dredging, arrastras, and mines to railroads, historic buildings, sites and signs, towns, dams, bridges, ferries, sawmills, pioneer families and schools.

They are available through several different mediums; printed black & white photos, mailed to you on a disc or emailed.  Most of the catalogue is available for viewing online, and can be ordered and paid for online, or you can print out an order form to send with your check.  Shipping is free!

Just click on the photo above to see what's available.